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Smart homes aren’t smart without fire sprinklers

Protect everyone in your household from today’s faster, scarier fires (BPT) – Today there are many automated options that make homes more comfortable, energy-efficient, cost-effective and safe. Typically referred to as smart home technology, these features may include automating control of items such as lighting, temperature, window shades, surveillance cameras, locks, smoke alarms, even pet…

Hawkeye Home Inspector Reno NV inspect the roof of the house

Here’s Why A Home Inspection Is Beneficial For Buyers

If you are a home buyer and you think about skipping the Home Inspection Sacramento CA, you might want to think again. A home inspection is an indispensable part of the home buying process and not something you should take lightly. A good real estate agent would highly recommend that you include a home inspection…

Know how to protect your valuable thins with a happy family

How To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

How to pick the right homeowners insurance (BPT) – If you’re like many Americans, your home may be your most valuable asset. That’s why it’s so important to protect it with homeowner’s insurance. Plus, it’s probably a requirement of your mortgage. Setting up your coverage the right way starts with understanding the major parts of…

New construction home needs Home Inspection Reno NV

Do I Need a New Construction Home Inspection? | Sacramento CA

Nothing is perfect, even new homes.  It’s pretty normal to assume that a Home Inspection Sacramento CA for a newly constructed home is not necessary. After all, everything is new, built from scratch, and customized to your exact needs. Apart from that, nobody has ever lived in that house yet and for sure nothing is…

A couple holding a house key in Home Inspection Reno NV

Mortgage Insurance: A Faster Way Into Your First Home | Sacramento CA

(BPT) – For many Americans, the biggest hurdle in buying a home is the down payment. According to a recent report, 49% of non-homeowners stated that not having enough money for a down payment and closing costs was a major obstacle to purchasing a home. Many people also mistakenly believe lenders require a 20% down…