Hawkeye team at sewer line scoping in Sacramento CAThe biggest potential problem, particularly in an older home, is the Sewer Pipe System. Buried underground and susceptible to intrusions like tree roots and excess waste products and paper, not to mention the ravages of age, a residential sewer is critical in the proper operation of the whole home’s plumbing system. A sewer that looks to be in fine shape could break at any time, causing a stinky mess inside the home, a disruption of lifestyle, and potentially many thousands of dollars in repair costs. Schedule your Sewer Line Scoping Sacramento CA Today!

Sewer Line Scoping  Sacramento CA is a relatively inexpensive procedure performed by an experienced Home Inspectors and involves inserting a cable into the sewer line from the main in the home all the way to the connection with the municipal sewer or a septic tank. On the end of the cable is a tiny television camera that “scopes” the passage and detects blockage, breaks and potential clogs in the line. These images are recorded on tape or digitally and may be reviewed by the homeowner and prospective buyer to verify the condition of the sewer line.

A broken or blocked sewer line can lead to an unnecessary expense and disruption for a Hawkeye Sewer Line Scoping in Sacramento CAnew homeowner, a situation that can be avoided with minimal cost with a pre-purchase sewer line scoping performed by an experienced professional plumber. If a problem is detected, a potential buyer can ask the seller to address the issue or use the information gleaned to renegotiate the selling price, or simply walk away. Schedule your Sewer Line Scoping Sacramento CA Today!

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